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How to care about hair to make them beautiful and healthy after summer vacations?

summer hair care tips

Everybody loves summer and sun. So when hotness comes, at once, we go to the beach to take sunbath and to relax. Unfortunately, summer and everything about that season is very unhealthy for our hair.

While having contact with wet hair, solar radiation influences them in a similar way as they were highlighted in hairdresser salon. Because of that, hair becomes breakable and loses its natural gloss. Therefore, we should take really good care about our hair condition, especially during the summer. Things we should really pay attention to are:


First of all, you should start to take care about your hair before the summer starts (or at least before your holidays). When hair is strong and healthy, it gets along with adverse conditions. You should use products which include hyaluronic acid, which has the ability for attracting and keeping the water. What is more, you should also use cosmetics, which prevent against drying of hair. On the market, there are also available cosmetics with jojoba or coconut oils, which make protective filter on the surface of your hair.

It's also important to remember that proper diet can help your hair a lot. Learn more about vitamins for healthy hair here.


While hair is weak after many treatments, it becomes more flexible for destruction. The worst of all are split hair endings, because of the fact that they are mostly influenced by dyeing as well as styling. Nothing will help your hair better, than cutting, so you should visit hairdresser.

Be careful of dyeing

Would you like to change your hair color and go blonde? Well, it is better if you have dark hair in spite of blonde. Melanin, which is present in dark hair, play the role of protective filter for your hair. Bright hair is definitely less dyeing-proof. However, if you really dream about putting color on your hair, you should choose soft colorization products, where the quantity of chemical substances is reduced to minimum.


Hair, similarly as skin, needs protection against UV radiation. That is why you should buy proper hair shampoos for yourself. While going to the beach, you should also use special sprays with UV filters.

Those are some of the rules and tips you should pay attention to every day. Surely, you will notice the difference between condition of your hair now and before soon.


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