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Facial Hair Removal - How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Easily

While facial hair is a natural phenomenon for men, it's also common for many women to have some unwanted facial hair, especially after menopause.

Female Facial Hair

In some cases women have noticeable facial hair growth. For women, excessive facial hair is one of the most embarrassing problems. It can be caused by abnormal hormonal variation or appear because of genetic reasons. Whatever the cause is, most women touched by this problem want to make facial hairs less visible or make them disappear permanently. The two most common areas for facial hair removal are the upper lip and the chin.

The most popular methods to remove facial hair are:

  • Laser facial hair removal
  • Facial hair removal creams
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Hair Removal with Tweezers

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Many people are choosing this method over the traditional ones.
In this procedure, a tiny laser beam is pointed at the skin. The hair follicles are destroyed, so the hair is eliminated permanently. Some women who had the laser treatment, have reported sensitivity and redness on the surgery areas, but those inconveniences should disappear after a short while.
Laser hair removal is effective and permanent only if you repeat the laser session few times (about 5 treatments are needed), but it depends on the patient's skin and hair colour. For example, it is not very effective on white or light blonde hair. Dark hair on light skin gets the best results.
Laser hair removal is rather expensive, also because it requires few treatments.
If you are going to have the laser treatment, you should learn more about the procedure, what it involves, what risks and complications are possible as a result of it. Before choosing the place, visit or call few facilities and ask them questions to resolve all your doubts and to figure out their attitude towards customers. There are many facilities competing for customers, so it should be easy to find one that offers a good price and quality service. Remember that the cheaper laser treatment is not always the best one, especially if you do not feel comfortable about the company competences or quality procedures.

Facial Hair Removal Cream

It can be applied to remove hair on Upper Lip, Chin and Cheek.
The procedure is rather simple - you just need to apply the cream on the area that you need to remove unwanted hair, wait few minutes as it is indicated in the instruction, and then remove the cream from your skin and clean the skin, usually with lukewarm water.
With some people the irritation or allergic reaction may occur. Therefore, you should test the cream by applying it on a small part of the area where hair is to be removed and make observation of the skin reaction. It is very important to follow a producer directions, not to use hair removal cream on irritated, inflamed or broken skin as well as keep it away from eyes, ears and nose.


With this procedure, a hair-thin metal probe is placed into a hair follicle and then, through the probe, Electricity is delivered straightly to the hair follicle. It causes a hair follicle damage, so it is not able to create hair anymore. Electrolysis is not considered to be an appropriate method to remove hair on a large surfaces, but if you do not need to remove more that 20-40 hairs within one session, it can be a suitable method, since it has permanent results for most people if performed correctly, by skilled beautician.

Facial Hair Wax

Waxing is a very fast and effective way to remove facial hair, even if not gives a permanent effects. After waxing, your skin should remain smooth for 1-4 weeks. What is more, you can do waxing yourself by using special facial hair wax kits, that contain small-sized waxing strips, that are comfortable in use and remove even short hairs down to their roots.


A technique in which a cotton thread is rolled over unwanted hairs to trap and pluck them out.
More about hair threading

Facial Hair Removal with Tweezers

Tweezers come in a variety of tip shapes, including pointed, blunt and tapered, so you can easily choose one that you feel comfortable with when plucking unwanted hair. This method is especially suggested if you have only few hairs to remove and you want to get rid of those hairs fast.

Other tips: Bleaching Facial Hair

If you do not want to remove hair, but desire to make hair on your face less visible, you can do it with facial hair bleach. Facial hair bleach does not remove facial hairs, but simply make them less visible. If you do not have strong face hair, or you are bored with removing facial hair every X days, it may be a solution.

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