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How to take care about skin during and after depilation

Hair removal is one of the most important things of woman's appearance. Nowadays, we have many easy and effective methods for getting rid of unwanted hair. Nevertheless, you should remember, than no matter, which kind of depilation you will choose, each kind of daily depilation irritates the skin.


Depilation - Hair removal

Fashion for smooth body was initiated already in Ancient Roma, where cosmetic treatments were made by specially trained slaves. In the present time, depilation is treated as something completely normal and common among people. However, depilation is the operation which has to be repeated oftentimes, that is why it vexes the skin. To protect your skin against destruction, you should pay attention to following rules:

Firstly, you should prepare your skin for depilation. Thanks of earlier preparation, you will achieve what you want: not annoying, effective treatment. Each treatment, which you make at home should be taken on soft, heated up skin. That is why disposable razor should be used always under the shower, while hair remover, shaving cream and wax should be used at once after going out from the bath. Approaching to the treatment, we have to remember, that skin has to be always completely clean and free from creams or balsams (with exception of shaving gel or shaving foam, which are advised to use during depilation).

Secondly, you have to choose the method of depilation. The choice about method of depilation is only about you. The most important thing is to use cream/ gel which does not vex your skin and does not cause any allergy. While deciding for depilation by disposable razor, which is painless, you have to remember than it will help you for a short time. Depilation by hair remover or wax is painful, but give you soft skin for longer time. However the best method of treatment is definitely laser depilation, but the cost is high. No matter which method we will choose, always after depilation, we should use special balsams, which have substances softening the vex.

We should pay special attention for shaving intimate places, the surroundings of bikini. For those areas, we have to use special creams, made especially for that purpose.

It is important to take care also after depilation. We have to know, that skin after depilation needs special tending. We should not to remove hair again soon after depilation, cause after each treatment, the skin has to have time for regeneration.

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