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Natural Teeth Whitening:
Can Homemade Whitening Treatments Be Harmful For Your Teeth?

lemon as a natural teeth whitener

There are some natural ways to make your teeth whiter. Home whitening methods are quite popular, bur are those treatments safe? Let's see...

Brushing your teeth with salt

There are two most popular salt whitening home treatments: either a person wets the brush with salt water solution or sprinkles the toothbrush with powdered salt and clean his/her teeth with ''salted brush'', then rinses thoroughly.

This method works for some people, but think twice before you try it. The salt changes natural oral cavity pH, that leads to more intense bacteria multiplication in your mouth. Salt crystals can sometimes also damage the enamel. Personally, I've tested this method some time ago and I have noticed a temporary increase in tooth and gums sensitivity (and this side effect was not nice to notice at all).

Homemade teeth whitening with lemon

In order to get rid of stains or spots caused by dark colored liquids like coffee, tea and red wine, or foods that discolor teeth, you can apply a lemon juice to your teeth few times per day.

Side effect of this method: applying lemon juice to your teeth several times per day for a long time can increase the risk of dental caries and cause small damages to teeth enamel.

Whitening with baking soda

Baking soda is a very popular ingredient of tooth whitening toothpastes and tooth bleaching products. Baking soda home remedy is also quite popular and it basically consist in brushing your teeth with baking soda powder or its water solution.

The problem is that the soda is a very active ingredient, so treating your teeth with it at home weakens teeth enamel. So even if you will notice bleaching effect of this remedy, your teeth will be subjected to get stained by foods, drinks or smoking more easily in the future. This substance can lead also to mild irritation of the gums. Baking soda good quality toothpaste used to be less harmful because it is neutralized by ingredients protecting the enamel.

Summing up: it is great to have white, beautiful teeth, however in case you decide for home whitening treatments, do not overdo it because it can lead to temporary increase in tooth sensitivity, more sensitive gums and weakening of the teeth enamel. In case of any doubts concerning teeth bleaching methods, you should always consult your dentist.

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