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Make-Up Tips

How to Look Stunning at the Party?
Do you want to look stunning at the party? To achieve this you do not need to book a day at the spa. You just need to put on sexy skirt and to apply some of our advices.

How to Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Powder in Just 5 Minutes
Professional tutorial - click to learn more

Light Make-Up Video Tutorial For a Hot Summer
Are you looking for some not-to-intense summer make-up ideas? Click here!

Purple Make-Up - Inspired by Versace
How to get the look: Video tutorial and tips by make up artist

Make-Up Foundation Types
This little guide presents the most popular make-up foundation types: Fluid, Compact, Mineral And Mouse ...

How To Select The Best Lighting For Perfect Make-Up Done?
It often happens that make-up made in the bathroom looks bad in the day light - it is too strong and looks like a mask. Why it happens? How to prevent it with good lighting?

5 Natural Tips For Healthy And Sensual Lips
Healthy lips are beautiful and make you look attractive, so the proper lip care is very important to look pretty. In this article you will find 5 advices to achieve healthy, sensual and attractive lips in a natural way

How to choose the best make-up foundation base?
Find tips on how to recognize and select a foundation that will make your complexion look gorgeous.

How To Achieve Similar-To Eyeliner Effect With Eyeshadow
Eyeliner is one of the most important make up cosmetic. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve desidered look with eyeliner. Here is the trick how to achieve similar-to eyeliner effect with eyeshadow


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