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Clothes I Like

I like to shop and to find fashion inspiration online. Nice clothes make us feel more confident and pretty. With proper clothes you can look slimmer too.
Below you will find some clothes that I've picked up from different stores. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

T-shirts, shirts and tops

Top from Mango
Dashing white top from Mango

Navy top from Mango
No shoulders navy top from Mango

Top from ZARA
Hippie shirt from Zara - I love it

Beige top from Zara
Beige top with delicate dark fancywork from ZARA


pencil skirt from HM
Ecru pencil skirt from H&M

floral skirt from HM
Floral pencil skirt from H&M

skirt from Tommy Hilfiger
Maxi skirt from Tommy Hilfiger

skirt from boohoo
White&black stripe full midi skirt from Boohoo


Dress from Boohoo
Off the shoulder white dress from Boohoo

dress from Zara
Pleated black dress from Zara

Dress from Tommy Hilfiger
White sleeveless polo dress from Tommy Hilfiger

Black dress from Mango
Long black dress with beads from Mango


I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know if you would like to have more fashion advice on my website. What would it be? My email: mybeautyonline(at)

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