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Other Beauty Tips

Clothes I Like
Find clothing inspiration and photos here: tops, skirts and dresses from different stores. They are so pretty!

How to Look Stunning at the Party?
Do you want to look stunning at the party? To achieve this you do not need to book a day at the spa. You just need to put on sexy skirt and to apply some of our advices.

Beautiful Back - How to Achieve Velvetly Soft Back?
Are you dreaming of velvety soft back? Here is how to achieve that.

Dental Health - How to Maintain Beautiful Smile
Do you want to keep a beautiful smile? You will learn how to achieve it here.

Wedding - How to Look Beautiful That Day
Few advices about how to look beautiful in the day of wedding-ceremony

How To Do A Perfect French Manicure (and flaunt those nails!)
French Manicure: Who could resist those natural-looking fingernails?

How To Make Your Waist Look Slimmer With Clothes?
No waist? No problem! With proper clothing you can hide the lack of waist or make it look optically slimmer. What to dress and what to avoid tips and tricks.

Hairstyle Inspiration Looks from Wella
A lot of pictures to show better the hairtyle trends and ideas

Would You Say That Chocolate Can Be Beneficial For Your Skin?
What makes it so powerful?

How To Diminish Dark Under-Eye Circles In A Natural Way
Dark circles are a nightmare for a lot of people. If you are one of them, you may like this natural remedies and make-up tips to diminish them.

Natural Teeth Whitening: Can Homemade Whitening Treatments Be Harmful For Your Teeth?
There are some natural ways to make your teeth whiter. Home whitening methods are quite popular, bur are those treatments safe?

How To Achieve Similar-To Eyeliner Effect With Eyeshadow
Eyeliner is one of the most important make up cosmetic. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve desidered look with eyeliner. Here is the trick how to achieve similar-to eyeliner effect with eyeshadow

How To Select The Best Lighting For Perfect Make-Up Done?
It often happens that make-up made in the bathroom looks bad in the day light - it is too strong and looks like a mask. Why it happens? How to prevent it with good lighting?

Grow Taller Naturally: Are you tired of being short?
If this sounds like you, there are a wide assortment of options for you to choose from. However, one option to avoid is...

Some Really Wired Beauty Tips
Wired beauty recipes for those who like to experiment

Some Useful Tips on Growing Taller Naturally
Are you tired of being short? Do you feel like you have tried everything to look taller? Don't grow discouraged.

HOW to be SEXY in the MORNING?
Watch this funny video that presents some simple to follow tips on how to be sexy and fresh soon after waking up in the morning.

You Are Beautiful - Show it to the World!

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