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How To Make Your Waist Look Slimmer With Clothes?

no waist girl

No waist? No problem! With proper clothing you can hide the lack of waist or make it look optically slimmer. You will find here some tips about what kind of clothes to avoid too.
Let's start with some advice on how to dress to emphasize your waist nicely.


V-neck blouses, shirts, tops and cardigans

V-neck makes your waist look slender. It also diverts people attention from the middle part of your body, giving more light to the upper parts. Here you will find some example looks:

V-neck topv-neck cardigan
v-neck shirtv-neck top v-neck cardigan


Under-breast cutted styles

This fashion works great to camouflage the lack of waist. This style can be applied to tops, tunicas, day dresses, coctail dresses, evening dresses etc. It also can be easily combined with V-neck for better results and it gives a very feminine look.
Some pictures of clothes (... and how it looks on a person):

top1 how this top looks

top2 top2 look

dress cutted dress look

coctail dress for slim waist elegant dress


Jackets and coats

Choose models that are made in a way to imitate the shape that you would like to achieve.

Which fashion will be the best one? Fit, tapering at the waist and extending downwards. Belts are also great to add shape to your short coat or jacket: what sticks out from the strap (I mean: the bottom edge of the the clothe) will expand the space provided below the waist, and thereby optically make the waist look slimmer.

coat 1 coat 2 coat 3 coat 4 coat 5jacket example


expanded on the hips to add some more shape to your hips optically so that the waist seems slender.

skirt example skirt 2

Also pencil skirts are shaping the silhouette in a very nice way (even if not always giving desired results at the waistline...). Great for the office or for the evening events.

skirt 3 another skirt

Those rules work perfectly also if applied to dresses (little expansion on and under hips, cutted under breast or V-neck). Some pictures:

example dress for slim waistdress


 If you do not care to emphasize the waist, but only want to hide the waist (or belly ;-) , select tunics or dresses cutted off the breasts and extended downwards. You can also like the trendy loose tops gathered around the hips with wide welt.

tunica the same tunica on a model 

top similar top on a model 



- Very simple tops with no shape

- dresses with no shape at the waistline and high neckline -> that makes the silhouette look shapeless and massive

no shape dress no shape dress 2


- coats and jackets without the belt and without the waistline

uhhhhhbad coat 2bad coat 3


- coats and jackets with pockets on your waist that not only expands the lack of waist but also add some extra weight to your silhouette

bad jacketbad coat


- short boleros and cardigans that expands the lack of waist with no mercy... ;-)

bolero baaad... bad cardigan


Source of photos: H&M and Mango on-line clothing stores.

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