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How to look stunning at the party?

gilr at the party

Do you want to look stunning at the party? To achieve this you do not need to book a day at the spa. You just need to put on sexy skirt and to apply some of our advices .

The main thing is not to approach the matter so seriously. In too fancy or creative dress you won't feel like yourself. And that can spoil your fun.

- Two days before, make yourself a fruit and vegetable diet (drinking only fresh juices, eat only raw and cooked vegetables). With this you will have more beautiful, more radiant skin. In addition, there is a chance that the figure was somewhat get slimmer and the belly will be diminished.

- The day before the event it's time for facial and hair masks. Apply a nourishing mask to your body, moisturizer or illuminating a mask for the face and an improving the appearance of hair mask. This session should be preceded by the intense full body scrub with particular emphasis on heels, ankles, elbows and back - about those parts of the body we very often simply forget.

- Bet on the serum. Such cosmetic visibly improve skin condition, even if it is gray, dull, tired or heavily desiccated.

- A great idea is also a cabinet illuminating treatment with vitamin C - its effects are visible to the naked eye. Brightens and tightens the skin for at least 24 hours.

- Do not forget about pedicure. Not only if you intend to put up sandals on a high heel. If you plan to put on shoes with bare fingers, be sure to paint your toenails for a strong color. Black, red and strong pink are are the colours in which we invest in this season. You do not need to have the same color on the hands and feet. But you can. This season is super-fashionable way of getting your nail done.

- The day before, try on clothes that are going to put on the party. Yet you will have time to change the decision - whether earrings, color tights, etc., are OK. You can also try out the makeup. Then you'll have a full grasp of the situation.

The best idea will be little black dress, but without the extras like pearls and a shawl (a good at a banquet at the presidential palace). Put on colorful high heels maybe also a fur bolero. Plus large earrings and a jewelery small bag.

Extra tip:
Prepare without haste. Turn on the music, do yourself a drink, make sure nothing is forgotten. At the party you can safely be late about 30 minutes.

If you have a regular shape of the eyes, do smoky eyes. This makeup is more practical than heavily painted lips, which tends to resist until the first drink. How to make a trendy, dark eyes?
1. Concealer brightens up the skin at the corners of the eyes.
2. Draw eyes with black pencil or eye-liner. On the upper eyelid make a thick line, and thinner on the bottom.
3. Apply a dark, smoky shadow to the eyelig. The best are opaque.
4. A great idea is to apply the false lashes.

How to apply false eyelashes ?
- Stick them on the already finished make-up after application of shadows and eye-liner
- Fix straps over the top lashes eyelash line (easier!)
- Knots -apply to your own eyelashes (harder)
- Don't apply mascara to your eyelashes

Things that you need to spend some time
- Dark manicure on the nails - if you decide on this, visit the best manicurist, or paint them in the morning, without haste and be sure to use the base and hardener.
- Affixing false eyelashes - it always takes a while, it may take up to several trials.
- Doing curls - to really dry, you may need up to three hours (it depends on the thickness and texture of hair). Hair that not dried is not able to obtain the form of curls.

... And those that you can do at the last moment
- Lighten the shadows under the eyes wetting flakes
- Make a lip scrub with toothbrush or with a pinch of sugar mixed with lip balm.
- Apply skin glittering body powder.

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