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Wedding - How to Look Beautiful That Day

french manicure

Few advices about how to look beautiful in the day of marriage-ceremony

Beautiful appearance in the day of marriage means glitter and relaxation as well as readiness for starting a completely new stage of your life with a beloved person.

Everything what is important in that special day - hair, nails, makeup and dress - are elements that show and enhance the beauty of the Bride's. Who doesn't dream to look georgeous in the day of ones own marriage? : )

You will keep the pictures taken in rememberance of the particular day till the end of your life, so it's another reason why it is very important to look as well as feel the best way you can.

Wedding dress - is one of the most important element of marriage preparations. You should dedicate enough time to choose one, which fits you the best. It is important for you to comfortably stand, walk or dance in the dress you wear and not worrying all the time about your dress. Be careful not to turn back the attention from marriage dress because of too inventive hair style or hair color, which conceal everything else. Your motto for that day should be : beauty is simplicity, moderation and classics. Do not forget to drill your appearance one day before the marriage.

Nails - one day before the marriage-ceremony you should go make yourself professional manicure. You should not make manicure few days before, in case of scratches, chips and even breakage of your nails. Your nails and hands will be in the centre of attention, while you will show your wedding ring.
How to do french manicure

Wedding makeup - marriage makeup of Bride should be a little darker than one you do every day, also with the purpose of not looking too pale or faintly on the pictures. Nevertheless, remember not to put too much of make up on your face. You should try to avoid lipsticks of deep-red color as well as icy eye shadows. What is more, you should go to the shop and buy yourself new mascara. Remember also to use cosmetics tested before by yourself.

The last night before marriage is important, so you should let yourself sleep minimum 8 hours, in spite of going party. Do not abuse alcohol.

Try to take control under stress and emotions. Go for a walk, relax in long bath, listen to relaxing music, drink the cup of green tea and try to imagine the day of your ideal marriage ceremony.

Paying attention to advices you read above, for sure the day of your marriage will be successful and full of gladness.

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