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Beautiful Back - How to Achieve Velvetly Soft Back?

beautiful back

Are you dreaming of velvety soft back? Here is how to achieve that.

We often forget about the daily care of our backs. It is worth it to change, especially when the carnival in full and there are many opportunities to wear sexy tops and dresses with the neckline at the back.

When the skin is dry

If your problem is dry skin, choose a a quick shower instead of hot bath . To wash it take a product without soap that contains lubricants and greasing ingredients (eg lipids, lactic acid, fatty acids, urea, vitamins A and E).

Rub shoulders in the shower with a hard brush or a special belt every day. Once a week do a gentle scrub. Thanks to scrub treatment skin will quickly absorb the nutrients balm.

When the skin is oily

When acne appears on the back, you should care about the skin as oily facial skin . Wash it with anti-bacterial gel, and every few days apply your facial mask to cleanse the back. You can choose one with anti-acne ingredients, such as clay.

Once a week, peel back with a gentle, enzymatic peeling ( you could scratch pimples with a coarse one.)

In emergency situations, when pimple appears in a conspicuous place , spread an anti-bacterial, drying gel. Before going to the party, treat the skin with the equalizer and facial powder.

When you go to the party.

Before the event brush shoulders and back with brightening lotion, or sweep them with loose powder with golden flecks.


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