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Lip Care:
5 Natural Tips For Healthy And Sensual Lips.

Healthy lips are beautiful and make you look attractive, even if you apply only a transparent lip gloss instead of a lipstick. Moreover, applying lipstick to dry and chapped lips drives attention to your lips - but the only thing that people notice is the fact they are dry. So the proper lip care is very important to look pretty.

Below you will find 5 major reasons of dry lips followed by advices how to prevent the dryness in order to achieve healthy, sensual and attractive lips.

1. Too much sun exposure
Always use moisturizer lotion that will make your lips soft. When you go out (especially when you go sunbathing), apply a lip balm that contains a SPF. The best choice is a sun-blocker or high protection factor - at least SPF 10.

2. Lack of protection in the winter
To protect you lips in the winter, use special lip balm designed to apply in cold temperatures (ask in the store in case of any doubts about a certain product). You can apply a little bit of Vaseline as well. Another great natural remedy for dry lips is an olive oil mask - simply massage your lips with few drops of the oil and they will become smooth.

3. Dehydration
It is extremely important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day - to hydrate all your body, not only your lips :) . You may also drink a glass of fresh carrot juice that contains a lot of vitamin A and other mineral substances that are required to maintain healthy skin and lips.

4. Licking lips - don't do that under any circumstances! It will make them even more dry than before. Apply an unflavored lip balm on your lips instead.

5. Allergy to cosmetics or wrong lipstick
Sometimes lips can become very dry and irritated because of allergy to skin care products, toothpaste or make-up cosmetics. In this case the only way to solve the problem is to throw away the cosmetic you are allergic to and to buy another one. You should choose also lipsticks that contain natural moisturizing ingredients and vitamins, for example smoothing lanoline or vitamin E.

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