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4 Steps To Smooth Cleavage

smooth cleavage

How to care about your skin in order to get smooth and beautiful cleavage? Here you'll find 4 easy steps to achieve that.

1. Bet on the purification

To wash instead traditional bar of soap, which dries the skin, use a soft gels or oils. Once a week use an enzyme or a fine scrub. The exfoliation of the top layer of your skin will stimulate the process of renewal, illuminating and beautifully smoothening your skin. it will also facilitate the absorption of active ingredients of creams.

2. Use a special cream

After cleansing, always lubricate it with cream. The best formulas are designed for the care of neck and shoulders, because they have a recipe tailored to the needs of delicate skin (look for neck and chin cream at you beauty store). They contain antioxidants, which delay aging and moisturizing ingredients, nutritional or Lifting (such as vitamin A, E, C, flavonoids, coenzyme Q10, ceramides). Apply cosmetics from bottom to top, then the skin will not be unnecessarily stretched.

3. Make Massage

One hour before the meeting wrap an ice cube with a tissue and massage the skin with soft circular motions. Move the cube from the breast toward the chin. This treatment should last no longer than 2 minutes. The neckline will be more firm and elastic.

4. Make Up

If you are going to a gala dinner, touch slightly your skin with the powder containing gold flecks - it will make your cleavage shine.

I hope this tips will help you to achieve smoothly beautiful cleavage


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