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Firm buttocks and a flat stomach in three weeks

Check out our special program that allows you to model the shapes of your bottom and get rid of fat on the stomach. What will help you in this? The answer is simple: firming lotions, masks and body exercises.

Check out our special program that allows you to model the shapes of your bottom and get rid of fat on the stomach. What will help you in this? The answer is simple: firming lotions, masks and body exercises.

Every day, moisturise and firm the skin

Well-moisturized skin retains more elasticity. Therefore, during our three-week program, do not forget about its moisturizing. In the spring select more greasy lotions than those which you apply generally. This time of year is exceptionally hard for dry skin and in need of more nutrients. Limp skin can be strengthened with active serum.

Apply moisturizer immediately after washing. If you apply the cosmetic up to 5 minutes after shower or bath, then wet and hot skin absorbs it better and restores protective lipid layer of the epidermis. Select a firming lotion or a nourishing one. In addition to moisturizing agents it contains nourishing vitamins A and E, extracts from marine algae, caffeine, oils, eg almond, which act firming and soften the skin.

Also check the body butters. It is used 2 times a day, and during the weekend when you stay at home, you can apply it more often, especially the skin dry. This will help her also rub liquid paraffin (you can buy it at the pharmacy), you can add a little to the bath.

Use serum sculpting shapes. If the skin on the buttocks is little tight, refer to the serum for their slimming. It improves the flexibility of connective tissue fibers, stimulates the production of lipids in fat cells, which become rounded buttocks.

When your trouble is a stretched skin on the abdomen, apply a serum to those parts . It containes the L-carnitine and caffeine that stimulates circulation and the skin becomes more compact. Rub the cosmetic with circular movements (in the buttocks or abdomen) after the evening bath or shower, daily for 3 weeks. If you have a tendency to stretch marks, use cream against stretch marks.

Two times a week do scrub and apply a mask

Nourishing lotion, or firming mask works better if you rub dead skin layer:
this will also smooth the body, and restore pink skin tone. Peeling combined with a compress of black mud is great as a check-cellulite treatment.

Get rid of dead skin cells. In spring it is not enough to use daily, even a mild peeling shower gel. We need a stronger fine abrasive formulation which contains particles of ground shelled seeds, such as apricots, salt crystals, or AHA, supporting cell renewal. Apply the cosmetic to your skin and have a body massage with circular motions during showering or bathing. After treatment, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. If the body scrub is left on the skin, it can irritate it.

Equally effective is a home peel made of oil (child olive) and coarse sea salt. Use it to the dry body before you shower.

Strengthens the skin with masks. After peeling, dry the body well and distributethe the mask on the buttocks ,thighs and belly. Massage it until completely absorbed. Cosmetics of this type contain phytoestrogens firming body, waxes and oils such as with avocado, which provide long-lasting skin hydration and accelerate its regeneration.

You can apply the mask thickly, then wrapp abdomen, buttocks and thighs with foil, cover with a towel and hold for 2-3 hours or even overnight. Wrapping will soften the skin, thus firming ingredients penetrate more deeply and are intensely active.

Use anti-cellulite treatments. If on the buttocks or thighs appeared inequalities, the so-called orange peel, give the skin detoxification treatment. Pour 200 ml of saline mud bath of warm water at a temperature of 36-38 degrees and immerse yourself in it for 10-20 minutes, thanks to the skin will get rid of toxins.

After leaving the bath and drying of the skin, spread to the buttocks and belly mask with black mud from the Black Sea. Wrap your body with foil and a towel for 1-2 hours. Wash off the mask. The treatment stimulates circulation, and minerals contained in the mud restores skin elasticity, prevent stretch marks too.

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